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Posted 26 Apr by

Why Are Designer Clothes Dry Clean Only?

Shopping is one of the most common things we do in our day-to-day activities. Having designer clothes isn’t only prestigious but also a symbol of style and class. Many shoppers wonder, is it mandatory to dry clean their designer clothes? Can you hand wash these types of clothes without damaging… Read more

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Posted 31 Mar by

How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Coats

From all the clothing we have in our closets, coats are perhaps the hardest to maintain. A coat’s durability depends almost solely on its correct – or incorrect – maintenance. Coats and jackets should be treated differently, according to their materials, including wool fibres, leather jackets, wool coats. The list… Read more

Coat Laundry Sydney
Posted 29 Mar by

How often should you dry clean a suit

Suits are some of the classiest garments in our wardrobe. They are timeless and make us look sharp in every situation. Not by chance, they’re also some of our most expensive clothes, so it’s crucial to know how to take good care of them. Especially, if you happen to wear… Read more

dry clean curtains Sydney
Posted 22 Feb by

Do Curtains Need To Be Dry Cleaned

Curtains are an important addition to the accessories in a room, framing the windows and adding colour and style to your interior decor. They are also highly practical, blocking or filtering sunlight when it’s too bright, or when you need privacy. That said, you should clean your curtains regularly, not… Read more

dry clean bedding
Posted 12 Feb by

How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Bedding

It’s probably not news that you should clean your bedding frequently, as they accumulate dead skin cells, sweat, dust mites, dust, pollen, and other potentially allergenic and unhygienic impurities. While your bed sheets and duvet covers get the regular cleaning by being replaced and washed weekly, you should also take… Read more

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