dry clean wedding dress

Your wedding day is a special celebration in your life, bringing together friends and family to witness a moment full of significance. Usually, this big party leaves some marks on your carefully chosen dress gown, and you will need professional cleaning services to get it back to its pristine state.

When Should You Get Your Gown Professionally Cleaned?

It’s best to get your wedding dress to the dry cleaners as soon as possible after your big day, especially if it was stained with food, white wine or red wine, or soiled with dirt and grass after a nice outdoor wedding. Delaying the cleaning process can make your dress irreversibly damaged, so book a time with wedding gown specialists as fast as you can.

Since most brides already have honeymoon plans as soon as the reception is over, they should arrange the dry cleaning services and transportation as part of the wedding plans. If you can, have a bridesmaid, your mother, or someone else available to get your gown to the professionals and get it back.

Storing your dress properly is also very important for wedding gown preservation. Keep it in your wardrobe, kept in a preservation box, or covered with acid-free tissue or material and away from sunlight, moisture and pests. This will allow you to keep this precious memory safe for the long term and even get to pass it on after years.

Should You Clean Your Gown Yourself?

If you want to keep your wedding dress for years, we highly recommend skipping a DIY project, no matter how tempting it is. For wedding dress preservation, certain steps need to be taken and special methods have to be applied.

Choose to work with a service that has plenty of experience with wedding gowns and make sure your important garment is going to be in good condition for years to come.

One of the most common DIY cleaning methods brides choose is steaming, but a big part of wedding dress fabrics and decorations will not be able to handle the heat and moisture from a steamer.

How Will Professional Cleaners Treat Your Gown?

Most dry cleaners have the means to clean and treat delicate fabrics with intricate detailing like stones, lace, or tulle. Wedding dress cleaning is done after a careful assessment of the type of fabric and adornments on the gown. Then the professionals will select the proper cleaning technique, detergents, and stain removers to be used.

Professional wedding dress cleaning is done with gentle, but effective detergents and methods, then the gown is pressed and packed in special wrapping that protects your gown for years to come.

You can ask for a dry cleaners recommendation from the wedding suppliers you collaborated with, or search for a company in your area with great online reviews and testimonials.

Need Professional Cleaners for Your Wedding Gown?

The expert cleaners at My Butler Service provide high-quality, affordable mobile wedding dress dry cleaning services. We handle all the steps of dress cleaning and preservation with maximum care and top-of-the-art technology, making sure your gown is clean and maintains its form and detail as it was when you first wore it.