Dress Washing Services Sydney

A wedding dress can serve as a special keepsake after every woman’s special day. These gowns are the most important fabrics that a woman will ever wear and they can be preserved to serve as memories or as heirlooms for future generations to potentially wear one day.

To preserve your wedding dress, however, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned after the big day. You should dry clean a wedding dress as soon as possible even if there aren’t any visible stains. Most wedding gowns are dragged along the floor, contain sweat and other bodily fluids, and accumulate dirt throughout the night.

Even if stains aren’t currently visible, they can appear later on and it’ll be much more difficult to remove as they seep into the fabric. Having a dress dry cleaned will eliminate stains and preserving the dress in proper storage boxes will prevent discolouration.

Dry Cleaning a Wedding Gown

At My Butler Service, we handle the delicate fabric of your wedding dress with the ultimate care and precision that it deserves. There are various cleaning methods available when it comes to having a wedding dress cleaned.

We’ll first need to inspect the dress to determine the proper cleaning method by referring to the label’s care instructions and identifying any stains that will need to be removed. Possible cleaning methods include:

  • Wet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Spot cleaning

Wedding gowns cannot be cleaned with water and normal detergents, which is why it’s so important to take your dress to a place that specialises in wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

By having your gown cleaned by a professional, you ensure that the fabric, embellishments, and trim will all be taken into consideration before cleaning. This reduces the risk of damage, colour bleeding, wear and tear, and improper use of detergents or harsh chemicals.

Wedding Gown Preservation

After having your wedding dress dry cleaned and stains removed, you should protect your gown with the proper storage methods. We offer two methods of packing away your wedding gown for long term storage – in a preservation box or a calico bag.

Preservation Box – This is an acid-free box lined with acid-free tissue paper. This box will protect your dress from the elements (dust, dirt, light, accidents, and discolouration). This is a special box designed specifically to protect your dress and prevent it from becoming discoloured.

Normal boxes contain acid that can turn your dress yellow over time. We place acid-free tissue paper in between the layers of the dress to protect each layer.

Calico Bag – This is a garment bag that can be used to store your gown if you’d prefer to hang it up or wear it again. This is less optimal for long term storage because the fibres of your dress can stretch out over time when hanging.

At My Butler Service, we have your dress cleaned and preserved with special care so that you’re left with a beautiful family heirloom for many decades to come. You must store your dress in a cool and dark place.

Once it’s stored in a preservation box or calico bag, put it in a closet somewhere away from heat and light. If you’re looking to dry clean and preserve your wedding dress, contact us at My Butler Service today. Book wedding dress dry cleaning service now by calling 1300 288 537.