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Dry cleaning was introduced in Australia in the year 1913. So far, it has proven to be the most reliable and efficient method of cleaning garments. Dry cleaners use organic solvents in removing stains, dirt, and soil from fabrics. But what are the benefits of dry cleaning?

What Are the Advantages of Dry Cleaning?

  • Convenience

Professional dry cleaners offer a convenient way of washing and cleaning your dirty large item and garments. You don’t spend time washing and ironing your clothes; instead, you drop them at the dry cleaner and pick them after they’ve been cleaned. A dry cleaner saves you time; he/she may also offer delivery services.

  • Maintains colour and brightness of garments

The solvents used in dry cleaning protect the color, softness, and brightness of your garments. The solvents are gentler than other cleaning products used in cleaning clothes. Dry cleaners use precautions to prevent loss of colour, change of texture, and shrinkage. The organic solvents are very effective and remove tough stains.

  • Expertise

Dry cleaners use the latest cleaning technologies and expertise to handle cleaning needs, from designer garments to simple stain removal. You’re guaranteed that dry cleaners will clean your clothes professionally and adequately.

  • Extend the life of your clothes

One of the simple ways to prolong the lifespan of your garments is by following the proper care instructions. Frequent and appropriate dry cleaning will extend the life of your garments. Experienced dry cleaners remove soils and dirt present in the fabric that can act as abrasives on your clothing’s fabric. Frequently dry cleaning your clothes is the proper maintenance and care strategy to make your clothes durable.

  • It can be used to clean natural fibres

When you wash natural fibres like wool and silk, they can shrink when hand washed in water. Dry cleaning works perfectly well for natural fibres. It’s able to quickly dissolve any dirt and soil present in natural fibres without harming the fabric. Different stains require different cleaning methods, which can be done properly by professional dry cleaning services.

  • Dry cleaning isn’t abrasive

Compared to the regular washing machine cleaning processes you perform at home, dry cleaning is less abrasive. Dry cleaners use organic solvents, and water is only used in wet cleaning. All the proper care and precautions are considered for every piece of clothing before the dry cleaning process starts. The home remedy might overlook the clothing care requirements, which are offered during the dry cleaning process. Garments that need a unique dry cleaning process are given special care.

  • Moths and insects

Improper cleaning of garments will attract moths and other insects. But if you have appropriately cleaned clothes, you don’t have to worry about having moth- and insect-infested garments. Insects can damage your clothes directly or indirectly. They can eat into your fabric; for instance, moths attack natural materials like wool. Insects can also cause skin irritation and infections.

  • Odour removal

One of the significant challenges of hand washing your clothes is getting rid of the stain and odour. With professional dry cleaners, any form of smell present in the garments is removed. Your attire can have odors from your body, perfume, smoke, fire, etc. Ozone treatment is used in dry cleaning and is a safe and effective way to eliminate body odours. When smells in your garments are exposed to ozone, oxidation occurs, resulting in eliminating the odor and releasing oxygen gas.

  • Preservation

If you’re looking for the best way to preserve essential garments like wedding gowns, then dry cleaning is the best option. With proper cleaning techniques and the use of organic solvents, your precious clothes can easily be preserved for years without any damage.


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