This page has been setup to provide customers with a single source of continually updated information. It details what measures we have implemented to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff, as well as minimising business disruption.
The information on the page will be updated with any changes we make as more information becomes available to us.
My Butler Service is a proud member of the Dry Cleaning Industry Association of Australia and an International Member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute. We use the advice provided by these industry associations together with advice from State and Commonwealth Government Agencies and the US based Centre For Disease Control (CDC) to help form the precautionary measures outlined below.


My Butler Service specialises in residential/domestic cleaning and ironing and does not perform any commercial or industrial cleaning or pressing. This means that we do not collect garments/items from hotels, nursing homes, aged care facilities, hospitals, medical facilities, offices, retail venues, hospitality venues or any other commercial venue. We also do not process any work (private or commercial) from any educational facilities, from day care facilities through to universities.


Despite the little information we have about the survivability of coronavirus on your clothes, we do know a few other helpful things. Experts have found that viruses similar to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 survive best on smooth, hard surfaces — such as door knobs.

On the other hand, soft, porous surfaces — such as the sleeves of your shirt — actually limit the likelihood of spreading these viruses for two reasons:

  • These viruses are more likely to get trapped within the fibers and weave of permeable surfaces like fabric, making it less likely for the virus to later transfer to your hand, face or another surface.
  • These viruses are much less infective (potentially non-infective) when dried out, and fabrics are more likely to absorb and suck water away from a virus.

It is important to note that the above information is still developing as world health officials learn more about the virus. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust any guidance as needed.


My Butler Service uses a bag collection process meaning that your items are always kept separate from all others and covered during the collection process. Your driver will wear gloves during collection where necessary to ensure they can bag any loose items collected and maintain proper separation whilst minimising risk to themselves.
We now offer a “no-contact” collection service.
For our daytime “doorstep” service, just drop your bag(s) at your normal pick up point and we will collect as normal. Please remember to leave your free door hook hanging on your door for deliveries.
For our evening “by appointment” service (currently in testing in Sydney CBD and fringe) please buzz our driver into the building and provide lift access where necessary, but leave your bags outside your door for our collection. Again, please remember to leave your free door hook hanging on your door for deliveries.
Should you require a replacement or additional hook, please contact us using our support page and we will arrange one to be delivered with your next order.


Our cleaning processes are, by default, designed to kill germs, bacteria and viruses:
General: – All clothes are cleaned and pressed exclusively at our own facility (no outsourcing and no contract work for others).
Wash & Fold Service: – We do not mix your clothes with other customers’ when sent for Wash & Fold. Each order is washed in separate small washing machines which are regularly disinfected.
Dry Cleaning, Wash & Iron or Iron Only Service: – Your clothes are cleaned with chemicals which include disinfectants that are effective against flus and viruses. After cleaning, the clothes are steam pressed at temperatures between 120℃-150℃, double the temperature required to kill flus and viruses (75℃), as per the CDC


All garments that have undergone dry cleaning, wash & iron or ironing services are delivered covered by plastic garment covers.
All laundry items are wrapped and sealed in fresh plastic bags and where applicable placed inside your blue Wash & Fold “outer bag”.
This ensures that your items are always kept separate from others and covered during the delivery process.
We now offer a “no-contact” delivery service.
For our daytime “doorstep” service please remember to leave your free door hook hanging on your door for deliveries and we will deliver as normal.
For our evening “by appointment” service (currently in testing in Sydney CBD and fringe) please buzz our driver into the building and provide lift access where necessary. Please remember to leave your free door hook hanging on your door for your “no-contact” delivery.


Staff training is ongoing, and guidelines have been distributed to all staff regarding their roles and additional responsibilities at this time.
Additional focus has been placed on general hygienic procedures within our plant as appropriate, such as:
Appropriate social distancing and staggering of shirts and break times.
The regular washing of hands with soap and water or the use of disinfectant liquid or wipes.
Instruction to use paper tissues when coughing or sneezing and to dispose of these tissues correctly.
Additional routine cleaning of hard surfaces with a disinfectant, including areas such as check in desks, vehicle steering wheels, phones, etc.
Availability of hand sanitiser’s throughout the plant and counter area.
The use of gloves and masks where/when mandated.
Employees who have the mildest symptoms or feel the slightest bit unwell are directed to stay at home and follow NSW Health guidelines regarding testing/isolating. Medical clearance must be provided before returning to work.


Should our business be disrupted by staff shortages or other events we will contact all customers to ensure that we provide the latest information at hand.


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our support page to view the different ways that you can contact us.