My Butler Service reserves the right to refuse service to any customer, at the discretion of management.


My Butler Service offers the following services: Business Shirt Service (fully laundered and pressed), Dry Cleaning, Laundry Wash & Fold, Laundry Wash & Iron, Laundry Ironing Only, Garment Collection and Garment Delivery.

We hope to expand our services to include Alterations and Shoe Care and Repair. Customers will be notified of any addition or removal of service types in advance.

We offer a collection and delivery service only, we do not have retail facilities at our cleaning plants and therefore cannot accept “walk-in” retail orders.


My Butler Service provides each customer with a set of four VIP re-usable bags of different colours free of charge upon registration (one for each service type). Each of these bags has a tag affixed, printed with the individual customer’s name and account ID. Additional bags may be purchased at standard retail prices.

My Butler Service uses these bags and tags to identify whose items they have collected and what service each customer wants performed on the contents of each bag.

It is a fundamental condition of our service that each customer sorts their items by requested service type and places their items into the correct bag.

Whilst My Butler Service makes every effort to ensure that the correct service is performed on items within each bag, it will not be responsible for the incorrect use of service bags by the customer.


At My Butler Service we strive to offer a pick-up/delivery service that promises to be convenient, accessible and timely from the client’s perspective.

We offer a twice a week collection and delivery on the schedules listed below. The particular schedule you are placed on depends on the area in which you live. You will be notified of your assigned schedule upon registration.

Sunday  – Tuesday – Sunday:
Our main collection day for this schedule is Sunday with delivery on Tuesday. Should you miss our main collection on Sunday we can also collect on Tuesday, however please be aware that this collection will only be returned on the following Sunday.

Monday – Wednesday – Monday:
Our main collection day for this schedule is Monday with delivery on Wednesday. Should you miss our main collection on Monday we can also collect on Wednesday, however please be aware that this collection will only be returned on the following Monday.

Tuesday – Thursday – Tuesday:
Our main collection day for this schedule is Tuesday with delivery on Thursday. Should you miss our main collection on Tuesday we can also collect on Thursday, however please be aware that this collection will only be returned on the following Tuesday.

Wednesday – Friday – Wednesday:
Our main collection day for this schedule is Wednesday with delivery on Friday. Should you miss our main collection on Wednesday we can also collect on Friday, however please be aware that this collection will only be returned on the following Wednesday.

Thursday – Saturday – Thursday:
Our main collection day for this schedule is Thursday with delivery on Saturday. Should you miss our main collection on Thursday we can also collect on Saturday, however please be aware that this collection will only be returned on the following Thursday.


Out of schedule collections and deliveries can be catered for (subject to demand). Please call our office directly to book an out of schedule collection/delivery. A collection/delivery fee applies.


DAYTIME ROUTES – It is a condition of service that customer and My Butler Service agree on an accessible collection/delivery location upon registration. This location must be accessible for collection/delivery in the event that the location is unattended. The customer will be solely responsible for deciding whether the location is suitably secure. Special instructions (such as “Shut the Gate” or PIN numbers) may be provided and will be followed by My Butler Service’s employees or agents on a best endeavours basis. My Butler Service is not responsible for loss or damage to any person or property due to failure to follow these special instructions.

Should you need to alter your agreed collection/delivery location, you will need to call My Butler Service on 1300 SHIRTS to arrange new mutually agreed collection/delivery location. Our drivers cannot agree to a change of collection/delivery location.

EVENING ROUTES – Our evening route service includes face to face pick-up and delivery. If you are unavailable when we arrive to pick-up or deliver our driver will call you for instructions.


It is a condition of service that customers provide a working mobile telephone number that can receive text messages upon registration. We endeavour to send reminder text messages to all of our customers the afternoon prior to a scheduled collection. This message requests a confirmation of collection by reply text message from each customer. Should we not receive a reply to this message from any customer we will re-send the message to those customers later that evening. Should we not receive a reply to either message from any customer, we will not visit their collection location the next day.

Some text messages may not reach customers due to their phone being out of coverage area or turned off. In these instances our messaging system automatically retries to send the message for up to four hours. Should any message not reach a customer after such efforts and as a result we do not receive a reply, we will not visit their collection location the next day.

Customers can opt out of this sms messaging service at any time (instructions provided on each text message). It should be noted that should a customer opt out we will automatically remove them from the collection schedule.

In summary, if for any reason My Butler Service does not receive a collection confirmation text message from any customer, we will not collect from that customer on that particular scheduled collection day. My Butler Service bears no responsibility for items/orders not collected or delayed due to us not receiving a confirmation text message.


The above collection confirmation texts result in our collection / delivery routes changing daily. As such we cannot stipulate a time for delivery and also do not call when approaching the location of delivery.


My Butler Service does currently sends sms collection notifications directly after successful/unsuccessful collections and email delivery notifications together with a Tax Invoice directly post delivery.


My Butler Service will collect and deliver to and from the collection/delivery location agreed upon at registration. When your items are in our care (i.e. once collected and prior to delivery) we accept full responsibility for your items. My Butler Service is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to your items when they are not in our care (i.e. pre collection and post delivery).


If unforeseen circumstances render it impossible to make a collection or delivery as scheduled, we undertake to make the collection/delivery at our next possible opportunity.


Should you request a collection or delivery (by sms text message or other method) and we attend the agreed collection/delivery location but are unable to complete the collection/delivery through no fault of our own, we reserve the right to charge a fee to recoup our costs.


Although most garments and household items can be serviced in a manner satisfactory to the customer, there may be a potential risk of damage in servicing certain items. When such a situation arises, My Butler Service will contact you by telephone to discuss the issue. If you choose to submit the item for servicing, we will undertake the service based on your verbal agreement and acknowledgement of the risk of potential damage. My Butler Service will not be responsible for any damage that may ensue, although we will take every precaution to prevent any such damage.


Kindly ensure that all of your garments are checked thoroughly for money, jewellery and/or other valuables prior to you handing them over to us. My Butler Service will make every effort to return such valuables, but will not be held liable for the loss or damage of any such items. Also, kindly ensure that you remove all collar stiffeners and cuff links prior to our collection as we will not be held accountable for their loss or damage.


Although most suedes, leather and fur clean beautifully, the removal of all stains and marks CAN NOT be guaranteed. Some slight changes in colour and texture maybe noted after cleaning, therefore all matching accessories MUST be cleaned together to avoid possible differences.

We exercise care and use caution and safe, tested methods in processing your items however we cannot be held responsible for improper tanning, dyeing, gluing (which may result in staining), shrinkage or other manufacturing defects and damages present prior to our acceptance which may become more apparent after cleaning (including natural deterioration from wear and tear and scars in the skins).

All garments without manufacturers cleaning instructions or purchased overseas will be cleaned at customer’s own risk.


My Butler Service are not responsible for any bags, hangers or other items sent with your garments. All garments will be returned with My Butler Services bags or hangers. If you wish to keep suit bags, doona bags, expensive hangers etc. please do not include them for collection with your garments as we accept no responsibility for their loss or damage.

We endeavour to re-use/recycle hangers and garment plastic wherever possible. Please feel free to return any of our hangers/plastic garment covers with your next order.


Although My Butler Service takes every care, due to wear and tear, shirt buttons can become loose or broken during the cleaning/ironing process. Should this occur My Butler Service may replace the broken/missing button with any available spare button on the garment for our standard button replacement fee.


My Butler Service can perform small alterations or repairs simultaneously to our other services.

Please place any items that you wish altered or repaired in a separate plastic bag together with a note detailing the alteration/repair required. Place this plastic bag within the appropriate service type bag (please note we only perform alterations/repairs in conjunction with another service to the same item i.e. dry cleaning etc.).

We will then perform the alteration or repair prior to the simultaneous service. Items requiring alterations or repairs will take additional processing time and will be delivered at the next available opportunity.


In the event you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our services, simply call us within 48 hours of delivery and request the service be re-performed at no extra cost.


All damage claims/complaints should be brought to the notice of My Butler Service within 48 hours of the item(s) being delivered.

The very nature of dry-cleaning, laundry and ironing services renders it impossible for us to guarantee against loss of colour, colour bleeding or shrinkage.

My Butler Service is not liable for tears or damage that may result from defects or inherent weaknesses in any material that were not apparent during the time of processing.

My Butler Service exercises extreme caution in order to avoid misplacements or loss of items in our care. However, in the event of such a misfortune occurring, it should be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery. My Butler Service’s count of garments is final and deemed correct in the event no complaints are received within 24 hours.

My Butler Service is a proud member of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia and the International Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute. As such when assessing a claim for damage or loss and determining any compensation payable, we use the widely recommended and accepted International Fair Claims Guide For Consumer Textile Products. Your acceptance of this method of assessment and determination is a fundamental condition of our service. A copy of the guide is available for download from the website of the Dry Cleaners Institute of Australia www.drycleanersweb.com.au


Prices quoted are inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment terms are payment with order by credit card held on file (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) unless alternative payment terms and methods are expressly mutually agreed at time of registration.

All credit card payments are subject to a credit card processing fee.

My Butler Service reserves the right to retain items until all outstanding amounts are settled in full.


In a situation where you have been overcharged or a refund is due to you, My Butler Service undertakes to directly refund the money to the account from which the original payment was taken.


In an effort to provide excellent, tailored services, My Butler Service requests specific personal information upon registration. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed on our website www.MyButlerService.com.au

By registering for our services you authorise My Butler Service to send you marketing information via e-mail and SMS services (unless you specifically instruct us not to).