Balgowlah Heights Mobile Dry Cleaning Solutions

Tired of the endless battle with laundry? Seeking a convenient way to tackle this relentless task? My Butler Service is here for you, as the premier Mobile Dry Cleaning Service in Balgowlah Heights.

We provide comprehensive laundry solutions, handling everything from washing and folding to expert ironing and effective stain treatment. With our convenient pickup and delivery service, you can enjoy the ease of professional dry cleaning without stepping outside your home.

Whether it’s a mountain of weekly laundry or a single garment requiring special care, our dedicated team is ready to assist. Contact us to discover our competitive rates and seamless service experience.

Expect Excellence with Our Mobile Dry Cleaning Service

Choosing our Mobile Dry Cleaning Service means experiencing the highest standard of care for your garments. Here’s a glimpse of the exceptional service you’ll receive:

Seamless Garment Tracking: Your attire is valuable, and we recognize that. From collection to delivery, we meticulously track each item, ensuring peace of mind that your clothing is treated with utmost respect and care.

Impeccable Washing Process: We achieve laundry perfection by meticulously sorting and washing garments. Whites and colours are separated to prevent any colour bleed, and washing temperatures are precisely controlled. Rest assured, your clothing is handled individually, never mixed with others’, ensuring a pristine return.

Expert Stain Removal: Tackling stubborn stains is our forte. Utilizing top-grade equipment and advanced techniques, we ensure every mark is addressed. Be it grass or wine stains, your clothes will be returned spotless.

Optimal Drying Techniques: The drying phase is crucial. We attentively dry your clothes to the perfect degree, avoiding over-drying to prevent shrinkage, and fluffing them for a superb finish.

Precision Ironing: A crisply ironed outfit is essential for a polished look. Our expert ironing involves precise temperature and steam settings, ensuring your clothes are impeccably smooth and ready to wear.

Careful Folding: Every piece of clothing is folded meticulously, reflecting our commitment to the details. Whether it’s a shirt or trousers, expect them to be ready for effortless storage.

Ready to Transform Your Laundry Experience?

Bid farewell to the endless laundry cycle. Reach out to us for a complimentary quote and discover more about our premium services. We’re eager to manage your laundry needs with excellence.

Sounds awesome, so how does it Work?

Book A Collection

Complete the booking form and schedule your pickup for the next available collection day.

We’ll confirm your booking with an sms message. We’re in your area at least twice a week so there’s plenty of choice.

Our standard turn around time is 48 hours.

Pick Up

We collect your garments from your doorstep or other chosen location.

In the event that there are no items left out for collection, we will call you before leaving empty handed.

An sms message will confirm the successful or failed collection immediately upon completion.


Using sensitive and environmentally responsible detergents your garments are cleaned in-house by our expertly trained staff.

All garments are hand inspected prior to delivery.

Automated item tracking provides full accountability for all orders.


We deliver back to your doorstep or other chosen location.

In the event that we are unable to deliver we will call you for instructions before leaving.

An email will confirm the successful or failed delivery and includes a detailed tax invoice.


  • Clean & Fresh

    Top Quality

    All items are cleaned to your satisfaction – guaranteed, or we will re-clean it free of charge – no ifs or buts.

  • Detailed Messaging

    Timely Messaging

    From collection reminders to delivery notifications and tax invoices, we will keep you informed by sms and email every step of the way.

  • icon-delivery-small

    Utmost Convenience

    Store opening hours are no longer a worry. We visit your area at least twice a week and collect and deliver right to your door.

  • Fully tracked

    A-Z Tracking

    We use personalised bag tags, bar codes and garment tags to fully track your items from pick up to delivery – ensuring no loss of items.

How much does it cost

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Launder & Press 5 Shirts

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean

Two Piece Suit

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Wash & Fold

Per Kg

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Why Opt for Our Service?

Seeking a top-notch mobile dry cleaning service in Balgowlah Heights? My Butler Service is your go-to choice! We offer not only reliable and budget-friendly dry cleaning solutions but also the convenience of saving your valuable time. Experience our superior service with complimentary VIP bags on your first order.
Book your pick-up online now.

No Order Too Small

We stand out by not imposing a minimum order value, unlike many other services.
Eco and Skin Friendly

Environmentally Conscious & Skin-Safe

Our dry cleaning process is completely PERC FREE, ensuring no harmful perchloroethylene chemicals are used.
Full Item Tracking

Detailed Item Tracking

We employ personalised bag tags, bar codes, and garment tags for meticulous tracking of your items from start to finish.
On Demand Flexibility

Flexible On-Demand Service

Need a pick-up? We’re ready when you are. Want to skip a week? No issue at all – use our service only when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading residential pick-up and delivery service for dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, and more in the Greater Sydney area, My Butler Service is dedicated to simplifying your garment and household item care.
We surpass other providers in service range and coverage area, focusing on making the cleaning, mending, and pressing of your items as easy as possible.

With just a simple click, your items are collected, expertly cleaned by our trained professionals, and returned to you. This service allows you to enjoy your leisure time doing what you love most.

For answers to commonly asked questions, click the button below or opposite.

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