Bankstown Mobile Dry Cleaning Service

At My Butler Service, we recognise that life can be hectic, and time is a valuable resource. That’s why we’re committed to making your life as effortless as possible. Our mobile dry cleaning service is designed to help you reclaim your time so that you can concentrate on what really matters.

Whether it’s catching up with friends, relaxing at home, spending a day at the beach, or completing a work assignment, our service will provide you with the time you need. Additionally, our laundry orders are monitored from start to finish, ensuring that your garments are in capable hands and giving you peace of mind.

What Our Bankstown Mobile Dry Cleaning Service Entails

  • Tracked pickup and delivery
  • Delivery of items with a re-usable Butler Bag
  • Quality control check before packaging
  • 2-day turnaround time or sooner upon request
  • Fully unattended drop-off and pickup service

The My Butler Service Process

  • Booking

At My Butler Service, scheduling a pickup for your laundry is a breeze. Just fill out our online booking form, and we will confirm your booking via SMS message. We visit Bankstown twice a week, so you can select the next available collection day that works for you.

  • Pickup

Our staff will come to your chosen collection point to pick up your clothes. If there are no items for collection, they will contact you. You will receive an SMS message to confirm a successful or unsuccessful pickup.

  • Cleaning

We use eco-friendly detergents and take care to clean your garments professionally. Before delivery, we inspect all garments to ensure that they meet our high standards. Our automated item tracking system enables us to track all orders.

  • Delivery

We deliver your garments to your doorstep or the location you specify. You will receive an email to confirm a successful delivery, along with a detailed invoice. If we are unable to deliver, we will contact you with instructions before leaving.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • High Quality – All garments are cleaned with meticulous care to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Timely Updates – We keep you informed throughout the process, from tax invoices and delivery reminders to collection confirmations.
  • Convenience – We operate in your area and deliver items to your door, so you no longer need to worry about business hours.

Order Our Dry Cleaning Services Today

With just one click, your garments will be picked up and delivered to your preferred location. Book now to enjoy our exceptional services.

Sounds awesome, so how does it Work?

Book A Collection

Complete the booking form and schedule your pickup for the next available collection day.

We’ll confirm your booking with an sms message. We’re in your area at least twice a week so there’s plenty of choice.

Our standard turn around time is 48 hours.

Pick Up

We collect your garments from your doorstep or other chosen location.

In the event that there are no items left out for collection, we will call you before leaving empty handed.

An sms message will confirm the successful or failed collection immediately upon completion.


Using sensitive and environmentally responsible detergents your garments are cleaned in-house by our expertly trained staff.

All garments are hand inspected prior to delivery.

Automated item tracking provides full accountability for all orders.


We deliver back to your doorstep or other chosen location.

In the event that we are unable to deliver we will call you for instructions before leaving.

An email will confirm the successful or failed delivery and includes a detailed tax invoice.


  • Clean & Fresh

    Top Quality

    All items are cleaned to your satisfaction – guaranteed, or we will re-clean it free of charge – no ifs or buts.

  • Detailed Messaging

    Timely Messaging

    From collection reminders to delivery notifications and tax invoices, we will keep you informed by sms and email every step of the way.

  • icon-delivery-small

    Utmost Convenience

    Store opening hours are no longer a worry. We visit your area at least twice a week and collect and deliver right to your door.

  • Fully tracked

    A-Z Tracking

    We use personalised bag tags, bar codes and garment tags to fully track your items from pick up to delivery – ensuring no loss of items.

How much does it cost

Business Shirts

Launder & Press 5 Shirts

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean

Two Piece Suit

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Wash & Fold

Per Kg

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Why Choose Us?

Looking for a mobile dry cleaning service in Bankstown? My Butler Service is here to help! Our reliable and affordable dry cleaning services will save you time and hassle. Try our services today and receive free VIP bags with your first order. Book a pickup online now.

No Minimum Order

Unlike most comparable services we do not require your order meets a set minimum value.

Eco and Skin Friendly

Eco Responsible & Skin Friendly

PERC FREE. No perchloroethylene petrochemical is used in our in our dry cleaning plant.

Full Item Tracking

Item Level Tracking

We use personalised bag tags, bar codes and garment tags to fully track your items from A to Z.

On Demand Flexibility

On Demand Flexibility

Like a pick up? We collect at your request. Skip this week? No worries, just use us when you need us.


My Butler Service is the largest residential pick-up and delivery service for dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and more in the Greater Sydney area.

We offer more services and a greater coverage area than any other provider. We’re focused on simplifying the process of garment and household cleaning, mending and pressing.

At the touch of a button, your items are picked up, cleaned by our trained professionals and brought back to you, meaning your leisure time can now be used for the things you’d rather be doing.

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