Bexley North’s Premier Mobile Dry Cleaning Service

Fed up with the endless laundry chores? In Bexley North, My Butler Service is your answer to these persistent tasks. As the leading provider of Mobile Dry Cleaning Services in the area, we’re here to alleviate your laundry burdens.

Our proficient team is equipped to manage all your laundry requirements, be it washing, folding, ironing, or tackling stubborn stains. We offer the convenience of pickup and delivery, sparing you the need to step out of your home.

No matter the size of your laundry load, from a week’s worth of clothes to a single item needing special attention, we’re committed to providing top-notch service. Contact us today to learn about our competitive pricing and stress-free solutions.

Expect Excellence with Our Mobile Dry Cleaning Service

Opting for My Butler Service’s Mobile Dry Cleaning Service means you’re choosing unparalleled excellence. Here’s what you can look forward to when you entrust us with your laundry:

Detailed Garment Tracking: We value your clothing as much as you do. Our thorough tracking system ensures your garments are carefully monitored from pickup to delivery, guaranteeing their safety at every step.

Flawless Washing Process: Our washing protocol is meticulous. We carefully separate whites from colors to prevent any color bleeding. Your clothes will be returned fresh, clean, and never washed with others’, ensuring individualized care.

Advanced Stain Removal: Stains don’t stand a chance against our team. We use the latest techniques and high-grade machines to effectively remove any blemishes, ensuring your clothes are spotless, whether it’s a stubborn grass stain or a tricky wine spill.

Optimal Drying: We pay special attention to the drying process, avoiding over-drying to prevent shrinkage while fluffing your clothes to perfection, ensuring they look and feel great.

Precision Ironing: A crisply ironed garment makes all the difference. We employ precise ironing techniques, using the right temperature and steam, to ensure your clothes have a sharp and neat finish.

Careful Folding: It’s the little things that matter. We fold your clothes with attention and care, making sure they’re ready for easy storage. Every item, be it a shirt or trousers, is folded meticulously for your convenience.

Ready to Transform Your Laundry Routine?

Bid farewell to your laundry woes and let us handle the load. Reach out to us for a free quote and to learn more about our tailor-made laundry services.

Sounds awesome, so how does it Work?

Book A Collection

Fill out the booking form and select your preferred pickup time for the next available collection day.

We will send you an SMS message to confirm your booking. Rest assured, we have multiple collection days in your area, providing you with ample options.

Our standard turnaround time is 48 hours, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Pick Up

We conveniently collect your garments from your doorstep or any other preferred location of your choice.

If, by any chance, no items are available for collection, we will contact you before leaving empty-handed.

You will receive an SMS message promptly confirming the success or failure of the collection.


We prioritize the use of sensitive and environmentally responsible detergents to clean your garments in-house. Our expertly trained staff ensures that your clothes receive the utmost care during the cleaning process.

Before delivery, each garment undergoes a meticulous hand inspection to ensure its quality and meet our high standards.

To provide complete transparency and accountability, we employ automated item tracking, ensuring that every order is carefully monitored throughout its journey.


We offer hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep or any other location you prefer.

If, for any reason, we are unable to complete the delivery, we will contact you to seek further instructions before leaving.

A comprehensive email will confirm the success or failure of the delivery, providing you with a detailed tax invoice for your reference.


  • Clean & Fresh

    Top Quality

    All items are cleaned to your satisfaction – guaranteed, or we will re-clean it free of charge – no ifs or buts.

  • Detailed Messaging

    Timely Messaging

    From collection reminders to delivery notifications and tax invoices, we will keep you informed by sms and email every step of the way.

  • icon-delivery-small

    Utmost Convenience

    Store opening hours are no longer a worry. We visit your area at least twice a week and collect and deliver right to your door.

  • Fully tracked

    A-Z Tracking

    We use personalised bag tags, bar codes and garment tags to fully track your items from pick up to delivery – ensuring no loss of items.

How much does it cost

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Launder & Press 5 Shirts

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean

Two Piece Suit

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Wash & Fold

Per Kg

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Why Choose Us?

Need a mobile dry cleaners service located in Bexley North?

My Butler Service can help! If you’re looking for reliable and affordable dry cleaning services that save you time, then try My Butler Service today and get free VIP bags with your first order.

Book a pick online today.

No Minimum Order

Unlike most comparable services we do not require your order meets a set minimum value.

Eco and Skin Friendly

Eco Responsible & Skin Friendly

PERC FREE. No perchloroethylene petrochemical is used in our in our dry cleaning plant.

Full Item Tracking

Item Level Tracking

We use personalised bag tags, bar codes and garment tags to fully track your items from A to Z.

On Demand Flexibility

On Demand Flexibility

Like a pick up? We collect at your request. Skip this week? No worries, just use us when you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My Butler Service stands as the leading pick-up and delivery service for dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, and more in the Greater Sydney area. Our service excellence extends across an array of services, surpassing others in both range and coverage.

We’re dedicated to making garment and household item care as effortless as possible. With just a simple click, your items are picked up by our team and meticulously cleaned by our experts. Once pristine, they’re swiftly returned to you, allowing you more time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

For any queries or to get more details on how we operate, just click the button located below or opposite.

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