Can Dry Cleaning Remove Colour Bleeding? | My Butler Service

It has happened to most of us. You’re doing laundry, and accidentally mix your blue jeans with white shirts before tossing them into the washing machine. And – boom: Color bleeding happens! It’s the worst. But why does colour bleeding occur? Read on as we explain how colour bleeding occurs and how dry cleaning can help prevent and remove the stains.

Why Does Colours Bleeding Occur?

Colour bleeding, in most cases, happens due to manufacturers’ substandard dying techniques. Substandard dying causes the fabric to release dye into your laundry’s water, causing unpleasant coloured streaks on laundry. Dye transfer can also be caused by:

  • Crocking: When fabrics rub against other surfaces, the colours are transferred. If you have seen red streaks on your white cloth after washing it together with your red sock, then that’s what we mean by crocking.
  • Colour fading: After a series of crocking and exposure to harmful detergents such as chlorine bleach, your fabric will slowly start to lose colour. This is known as colour fading.

Can You Tell Which Clothes Can Bleed?

Yes, you can tell by looking at the quality of the dye and fabric. You can check the clothing care label to see the type of material used. Synthetic fabrics have higher colour retention than other fabric types.

How can you tell if the dye on the fabric is high-quality or not? Well, for the untrained eye, it might be hard to tell. But don’t worry. Experts here at My Butler Service can easily tell which clothes can bleed and which ones can’t. Get in touch today.

How to Prevent Stained Clothing

There are two ways to prevent colour bleeding: Hand washing with cold water or dry cleaning. But let’s face it; hand washing is tiring and time-consuming. And this makes dry cleaning the best way to prevent and remove colour bleeding stains.

How Dry Cleaning Prevent and Remove Colour Bleedings

Dry cleaning is a gentle washing process. In other words, it’s gentler and milder on your clothes, which prevents crocking – one of the major causes of colour bleeding. The chemical solvents used in dry cleaning feature active ingredients that help prevent colour bleeding and fading. The ingredients also keep the colours bright and ensure no stains remain.

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