does dry cleaning remove pet hair

Pets are great companions, but one thing that makes them frustrating is their abundance of hair. Pet hair can end up on your furniture, carpet, curtains, or even on your clothes. This can be annoying for pet parents wanting to keep their home pristine.

Dry cleaning is usually considered a way to eliminate pet hair from clothes. But does this technique really work? The reality is that dry cleaning only helps reduce the amount of pet hair on items, but it can’t clear everything. While there are no magic tricks for removing pet hair, here are a few creative solutions to try.

Prevent Pet Hair from Getting Into the Washing Machine

There is no doubt that pet hair is a fact of life. And you can do little to prevent a cat or dog from shedding. However, you can reduce the amount of hair they shed. A great way to achieve this is by grooming your pet regularly. Also, create some time each week to sweep and vacuum your house to ensure you reduce the pet hair that could otherwise end up in the washing machine.

Remove Pet Hair with a Rubber Glove

A rubber glove is one of the simplest ways to get rid of pet hair from clothing, furniture, curtains, and other upholstery. Wear rubber gloves and rub your hand over your clothing or couch to remove the visible pet hair. Rub in one direction for maximum dog hair or cat hair removal.

Use Lint Remover

Rolling a good lint remover on your clothes or whatever item needs deferring is an effective way of removing pet hair. Instead of picking at the pet hair one after another, simply run this effective pet hair removal tool over the item and get rid of the hair within seconds. Moreover, this tool is a true time saver.

Toss Your Clothes Into The Drier

Turn on your drier and put in the clothes, then turn on a ten-minute cycle to help loosen the pet hair. This can help shake off most of the hair before moving the clothes into the washing machine.

Use a Dry Sponge

A dry sponge is a great tool for pet parents to remove dog or cat hair from their homes. Simply grab a dry sponge and run it on top of your item, and the pet hair will cling to the sponge. You can also try using a wet sponge.

Contact Reliable Dry Cleaners

If you’re facing stubborn pet hair on your clothing, you may consider hiring professional dry cleaners for help. The team at My Butler Service has the skills and tools needed to get rid of pet hair from your home.

We can pick up your item, clean it, and deliver it to your home within the shortest time possible. Need help? Book your service now to get started.