does dry cleaning damage clothes

You might be wondering if dry cleaning damages clothes. After all, you don’t want to take your favourite shirt or dress and have it ruined by the dry cleaning process. In this article, we’ll discuss the effects of dry cleaning on clothes and whether or not it is a safe process for your garments. We’ll also provide tips on protecting your clothes during the dry cleaning process!

Dry Cleaning and Its Effects

To better understand how dry cleaning works and its effects on clothes, let’s first take a look at the definition of dry cleaning.   Dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothes without using water. Instead, dry cleaners use solvents to remove dirt and stains from fabrics.

Solvents are colourless liquids with a sweet, chloroform-like odour. When clothes are dry cleaned, they are first soaked in the solvent and then the dry cleaning machine agitates the garments much like a washing machine and removes the dirt and stains.

Effects of Dry Cleaning on Clothing

Now that we know how dry cleaning works, let’s talk about its effects on clothes. Dry cleaning is generally a safe process for most garments. It is gentle on fabrics and does not cause shrinkage or colour bleeding. It’s also a great option for delicate items like wedding gowns that can’t be washed in water.

However, to be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to read the care label on your clothes before taking them to the dry cleaner. Some garments, such as those made with wool or silk, may require special care.   Here are additional tips to follow to protect your clothes during the dry cleaning process:

  • Check for loose buttons, snaps, or zippers before taking your garment to the dry cleaner. These can become caught in the machinery and damage your clothing.
  •  Tell the dry cleaner about any spots or stains on your garment. This will help them treat the stain correctly and prevent it from becoming permanent.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that your clothes will be in good hands during the dry cleaning process. So go ahead and drop off your dirty laundry with confidence!

What clothes should not be dry cleaned?

The types of clothes that cannot be safely dry cleaned include fabrics like plastic and PVC. We can obviously help you find the answer if you are wondering whether your fabric can be safely dry cleaned or not.

My Butler Service-Taking Care of Your Clothes

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