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Spilled some coffee on your shirt? Got some dye on your favourite pair of trousers? Believe it or not, hope is not lost!

Dry cleaners are one of the most effective ways to remove stains from clothes, especially the ones that are too stubborn for the washing machine or even hand washing. And if you’re wondering exactly how dry cleaning services can remove stains from clothes, keep reading this short blog post to find out.

How a Professional Dry Cleaner Removes Stains

First, let’s go over why your washing machine or hand washing may not be able to remove certain stains. The secret lies in how much the regular detergent you have at home can penetrate the fabric.

Simply put, most detergents will not be able to remove the stain in its entirety, even if they do a great job at cleaning regular dirty clothes. In fact, in some cases, the stain can be pushed deeper into the fabric, or it can extend to other areas of the clothing if you’re not careful.

While it does greatly depend on the stain and fabric you are dealing with, if the label on it reads “dry cleaning only”, then you’re better off looking for a local dry cleaner near you.

Here’s a short peek into the dry cleaning process:

  • Inspection – The dry cleaner checks the stain, fabric, and care label on the clothing
  • Pre-treatment – The clothes will usually receive some pre-treatment solvents that help gently break down the stains
  • Dry cleaning – Using a special machine, the clothes are cleaned using dry cleaning chemicals, and no water, after which they are rinsed off the solvent
  • Post spotting – Some garments need more help than regular dry cleaning, so the cleaners may need to use steam, hot water, or even a special vacuum

What Types of Stains Can Dry Cleaners Remove?

There are two broad types of stains, both of which can be removed at the dry cleaners: oil based stains, and water-based stains.

Some common types of stains that can require professional dry cleaning services can include:

  • Tannin stains – These are water-based stains such as those from coffee, tea, or wine;
  • Dye stains – Whether natural like grass stains, or from a chemical dye, these stains are notoriously difficult to remove at home, and may need several cleaning sessions;
  • Grease stains – Stains from oils, petroleum jelly, and even some skincare products are next to impossible to clean at home because the stain can easily spread;
  • Protein stains – These are the ones caused by organic materials, such as sweat or blood. To remove them, the dry cleaner will use enzymes that can break down these proteins.

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