dry clean curtains Sydney

Curtains are an important addition to the accessories in a room, framing the windows and adding colour and style to your interior decor. They are also highly practical, blocking or filtering sunlight when it’s too bright, or when you need privacy.

That said, you should clean your curtains regularly, not only to keep them looking fresh and preserve their bright colours, but also to maintain the quality of the indoor air and get rid of dust and other particles that can cling to the curtains.

How Can You Clean Curtains?

The cleaning method you can apply for your curtains depends on how fragile they are and what fabric they are made of. You should always look at their label and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, otherwise, you risk damaging the curtains.


Regular maintenance vacuuming of the curtains will prolong their lifespan and make cleaning less frequent. Remove dust and other particles weekly by using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This will prevent dirt from embedding itself in the fabric.

Machine Washing

Some drapes can be washed in the washing machine, and the label will tell you what cycle, temperature, and further treatments you can apply. Follow the directions carefully and wash the curtains separate from other items, in case they are not colourfast.

We highly recommend using the delicate cycle and a gentle detergent to clean them, as it preserves their qualities for longer.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great alternative to machine washing because you don’t have to take down the curtains and put them back again or iron them. Use a vertical steamer to clean your curtains from top to bottom, until they are slightly damp and the dirt has been removed.

This might work best with regularly maintained curtains that didn’t accumulate too much build-up of dirt, dust, pet hair, and so on. Also, make sure you apply this method only for machine-washable curtains, as dry clean only curtains can get damaged by steam.

Hand Washing

Sometimes, you can clean your curtains by hand washing them, which might be mild enough even for dry clean only fabrics. Just make sure you use a liquid dish detergent, as they are not as harsh as other detergents, and only use cold water to prevent shrinkage and thinning of the fabric or colour bleed.

Hand washed curtains should be air-dried when hanged, which generally prevents any creases. If you do prefer using an iron after they have dried, use a low heat setting and put white thin linen in between the curtains and the iron to protect the fabric.

Dry Cleaning

To get the best results on your curtains and drapes, take them to a professional dry cleaner once or twice a year, or when they have difficult stains. Professionally dry cleaned curtains will maintain their qualities longer, and you should use this method exclusively if the manufacturer indicates so, especially with rubber-lined curtains.

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