How Do You Disinfect Your Bedding? | My Butler Service

The amount of time we spend on our beds is more than the time we spend cleaning our bedding. Using dirty bedding is very risky. Dirty pillows and bed sheets can easily harbour fleas, bacteria, bedbugs, dust mites, and other pathogens. That’s why you must protect yourself and your family by disinfecting your bedding. Bedding needs to be disinfected as frequently as possible, especially when someone has recovered from an illness. Dirty bedding affects both personal and public health. Is using a washing machine to clean my bedding enough?

The general consensus states that you need to change your bedding every two weeks. However, this can vary depending on your health, how often you use your bedding, time of the year, and type of bedding used. People with skin conditions, with allergies, or who eat in bed need to change, clean, and disinfect their bedding more often. If your bedding is made from wool or flannel, it’s likely to trap dust, dirt, and crumbs more often.

If you’re sick, then it’s vital to change, wash, and disinfect your bedding as frequently as possible.  While cleaning your bedding will remove all the visible traces of dirt, disinfecting, on the other hand, involves killing all the invisible germs and bacteria.

With proper sanitisation and disinfestation, you can prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), germs can be spread through contact with soiled bedding, like pillows, bed sheets, and blankets. Many people assume that washing their bedding in hot water is enough to remove any form of bacteria and germs. It’s true when you wash your bedding in hot water and dry them at high temperatures that it can remove some of the germs.

But if you want to eliminate the foul odour, built-up germs, and bacteria, you’ll need to have additional reinforcement. Hence, the need to sanitise and disinfect your bedding at all times.

How Do You Disinfect Bedding?

You can use different disinfecting products and appliances to disinfect your home and beddings. The best laundry detergent contains hydrogen peroxide. These tools effectively remove any tough stains, lingering smells, and built-up bacteria, which can cause illness and allergies. Start by washing your beddings at the warmest possible setting. Remember to keep the manufacturer’s instructions in mind when cleaning your bedding.

When disinfecting your bedding consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Use the warmest possible water setting, then dry the beddings completely. Avoid using cold water.
  • Always wear gloves and a mask when handling bedding used by a sick person.
  • Always follow the cleaning guidelines of the manufacturers at all times.
  • Be mindful of washing your hands after handling dirty laundry.
  • When using cleaning detergents, follow the instructions to ensure an effective cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • Add bleach once your wash cycle has started. It is reccomended to use the chlorine bleach only for white bedding for stain removal.
  • Ensure you have adequate ventilation when using cleaning detergents.
  • Do not mix the cleaning chemicals and products.
  • If you have a family member suffering from asthma, consider using cleaning detergents that won’t affect their health.
  • Always use the recorded amount of cleaning detergents.
  • If you’re instructed to dilute with water, make sure the water is at room temperature. You can check the water temperatures before adding the detergent.
  • Don’t use the cleaning detergents on your body to bathe or wash your pets.

After you’re done disinfecting your bedding, don’t forget to disinfect all the laundry baskets and hampers you used in the process. Also, if you have a sick family member, you must use separate bedding and have their bedding cleaned and disinfected frequently. Using different bedding will help in disease control and prevention. With clean and disinfected bedding, you’re guaranteed cleaner beddings and a night of comfortable sleep at all times.

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