Carpets are a wonderful way to add style to your home, often tying a room together. The frequency with which you should clean the rugs in your house, office, or business location depends a lot on the type of rugs you are using, how much traffic they are exposed to, and how sensitive they are to different cleaning methods.

Because rugs cannot be simply thrown in the washing machine when a good clean is needed, you need to consider professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis, as part of the normal maintenance of these decor elements.

How Often Should You Get Your Rugs Cleaned Professionally?

The amount of time between two professional clean-ups depends on how intense the traffic is in the area where they are used, how prone they are to staining or getting dirt particles in their fibers.

For example, the home of a single person with no pets and who doesn’t spend much time at home, eating out, and being at work most of the time will be a lot different from a family’s home with high traffic areas from three kids, cats and dogs, and home cooking, eating meals around the house, and so on.

For rugs with low or moderate use, a professional clean will be needed every year and a half or two years, for the perfect maintenance of the rugs. For areas with intense traffic and exposure to dirt and dust, stains, pet hair, and pet urine, a professional cleaning is needed at least every 12 months, sometimes even twice a year.

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How Do Professionals Clean Your Rugs?

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned by a certified, reputable company, you can rest assured that they will use the right methods and substances to get your carpet as good as new, without damaging it.

In some cases, only a professional cleaner can perform the deep cleaning that you need for your rugs and carpets, especially if they need to remove stains or deal with particularly sensitive fabrics.

Depending on the type of rug, here are some methods used by carpet cleaners:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dusting using vibrations to get the deeply-embedded particles, and dust mites
  • Vacuuming with industrial power machines
  • Washing with different levels of moisture, from the lowest level possible to full submersion in water
  • Air drying while laid flat, if needed, or hung on a machine that dries it fast
  • Treatments like moth repellant or stain protection

As you can see, many operations simply cannot be done at home, with store-bought equipment and detergents. Your best option is to maintain your carpets as clean as you can, with regular maintenance, and take them at least once every 1-2 years to be professionally cleaned.

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