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Monsoons are beautiful and can bring complete refreshment to your home. Furthermore, the cool weather presents a unique fragrance of wetlands, green grass, rain dances, and chirping birds that resonate with the high spirits of rainy seasons.

Despite the benefits, rainy seasons are a major household concern that can quickly mess up your laundry routine. When there is hardly any sun to dry clothes, you’ll be left with many wet clothes, which can increase humidity in your home, turning it into a complete nightmare.

Professional laundry service providers at My Butler Service are adequately equipped to clean and dry your clothes on time, regardless of the weather condition. With a tumble dryer, your washed clothes will be dried under medium heat to avoid shrinking or over-drying.

Wondering how to dry clothes fast in rainy season? Follow these nifty tricks.

1. Drip Excess Water

A common mistake most people make is to rush to dry wet clothes before dripping excess water from the clothes. When you wash clothes in a washing machine, be sure to dry them twice or thrice before placing the clothes on a drying stand to ensure the water drips off to the maximum.

2. Use Cloth Stand

Another creative tip to dry your clothes during the rainy days is to use clothes drying stand. With a clothing rack, you don’t have to stress about drying out the clothes fast since these stands are designed to do the job efficiently. All you need is to hang your clothes on the rack and relax with your coffee as they dry slowly. A clothe drying rack is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to electrical drying, and it will save your electricity consumption and bills.

3. Iron Your Laundry

During rainy days, it’s difficult for clothes to dry out completely. If you realise that the thicker areas of the clothes are still damp even after drying for a couple of days, a hot iron can help. Ironing your laundry helps remove leftover moisture and ease up dampness in the clothes. This technique is beneficial for thick garments such as sweaters, solid tees, and jeans.

4. Control Moisture Levels Indoors

Rains can increase your indoor moisture levels. Thus, if you’re drying clothes indoors, you should keep the moisture content in your house really low. You can use air purifier bags or salt to absorb excess moisture and prevent the formation of moulds and fungus, keeping your indoor air dry and fresh.

Dry Clothes Overnight In Air Conditioned Area

Even if you don’t have heaters in your home, you can use an air conditioner to dry your garments overnight. Although some people overlook this technique, it is considered the fastest way to dry clothes in the rainy season.

But if you think it will be a waste to switch the air conditioner on just your garments can dry, consider turning on your utility room before you go to sleep. Even a ceiling fan can work just fine, and your garments would be dry by morning. Make sure you don’t overlap your drying laundry and hang them in a way that exposes them to the dry air.

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Drying clothes during the rainy season has always been a tough job. Of course, you cannot postpone your laundry routine simply because of the rains. Instead, consider seeking help from people who understands the job better. Contact us today for more information about our dry cleaning service in Sydney.