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Clothes aren’t just for keeping you warm. With the introduction of the fashion industry, they became an expression of one’s personality.

Dry cleaning is the safest way to protect your favourite garments, taking into consideration that many fabrics degrade when washed in water. Let’s take a look at the most delicate fabrics you should wear dry-cleaned only.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Although dry cleaning is often associated with the word “dry,” the process itself is actually quite wet; it uses solvent-based cleaners rather than detergent and water. It is a very effective and safe method for removing dirt and stains from a variety of clothing types.

So, how does it work? It’s a question that arises when you decide to wash clothes professionally. We made this article to answer the most frequently asked questions about dry clean only clothes and fabrics.

  • Pre-Treatment Stage: The stains are first identified and pre-treated with a solution prior to the actual cleaning process.
  • Dry Cleaning Stage: The fabric is then soaked into the solution inside the machine.
  • Post-Spotting Stage: After the cycle is complete, we carefully inspect the fabric for any stubborn stains.

What Fabrics Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Brands add cleaning labels to all the garments they sell to make it easy to sort the dry clean only items from the ones you can hand wash.

Here’s a list of the different types of fabrics that usually require dry cleaning:

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most delicate fabrics in the world. However, it needs to be handled with extra care during washing or damage might occur. Cashmere clothing items should never be washed in water. They should be dry cleaned instead to prevent premature damage during washing.

  • Sequined or Embroidered Items

There are some pieces in your wardrobe that require special care if you want to retain their original appearance. Send these garments to a reputable and experienced dry cleaner that has experience with sequined or patterned clothes to avoid them falling apart in the washing machine. 

  • Silk

We recommend paying a visit to your local dry cleaner to have your garment cleaned by professionals who know how to handle silk fabric with care. You can also wash it with cold water and a mild detergent at home.

  • Linen

Linen is breathable and comfortable. It is perfectly suited for hot and humid weather, which is why it’s often used to make suits and shirts. You should always wash it in cold water and never throw it in the dryer. Simply preserve its natural quality by always opting for dry cleaning.

  • Wool

Wool is a great material that can keep you warm in even the most chilly of winters. However, when washing at home, it is crucial that you turn your washer on a delicate cycle and use a gentle detergent rather than a harsh soap. In addition to harming wool’s texture, this will promote shrinking.

  • Rayon

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is very sensitive to warm water. If you want to avoid shrinkage, just be sure to wash it with cold water or take it to the dry cleaners.

Over to You

Although some fabrics are safe to wash at home, it is usually safer to take dry clean only items to a professional laundry shop for better results. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 288 537 today to book our mobile dry cleaning Sydney service.