When Should I Dry Clean My Clothes? | My Butler Service

You have a closet bursting with clothes, but how do you know which ones to wear? How can you tell which items need a quick touch-up before a day outing and which require a full-blown wash?

Here are some key things you should consider when deciding whether to dry clean your clothes.

Can Frequent Cleaning Damage Clothing?

Everything you wear, including your much-loved cashmere sweaters and designer clothing, becomes damaged over time. But when you dry clean, your clothes are treated with much gentler methods than the ones used in the washing machine at home.

By having your clothes professionally cleaned, there isn’t as much damage. This can really help with longevity, prevent stretching, and improve the general look and feel of your clothing.

How Often Should You Wash Business and Formal Suits?

Based on what you’ll wear your suit for, there are two different levels of formality. The business suit is a wardrobe staple that should be part of every man’s professional look. The formal suit is a step above, made for special occasions and events.

Your formal wear will go through the dry cleaning process on a semi-regular basis while you’ll typically need to dry clean your business suits more often.

  • Business suits: After four to five wears
  • Formal suits: After each wear

How Often Should You Wash Pants, Skirts, and Dresses?

Dress pants and skirts can be worn a few times before you need to worry about dry cleaning them as they are usually made of stain-repellant fabrics.

However, formal dresses made of fragile material will need to be cared for more often. Fragile material should always be hand washed in cold water if you choose to clean your clothes at home.

  • Pants and skirts: After four to five wears
  • Formal dresses: After each wear

How Often Should You Wash Button-Down Shirts and Blouses?

Button-down shirts and silk blouses can be difficult to clean since they tend to absorb sweat and stain easily. It’s best to visit a professional dry cleaner for all your cleaning and pressing needs.

If you decide to clean your clothes at home, remember silk blouses should be washed on a delicate cycle.

  • Button-down shirts: After three to four wears
  • Silk blouses: After each wear

What Other Factors Should You Take Into Consideration?

  • Fabric

Wool sweaters are made from a natural fibre that can be worn more often before it needs to be cleaned, while fabrics made of fine materials like silk and cashmere are vulnerable to sweat, so they’ll need more frequent care.

  • Frequency of Wear

Wearing a suit or other attire to work on a regular basis means you’re going to have to pay for regular dry cleaning and even minor repairs.

  • Weather and Temperature

In warm cities, you’re going to sweat a lot more and absorb bacteria from the environment, so be sure your clothes are clean and odour-free.

  • Stain Removal

Some stains are so stubborn that you will have to ask a professional to take care of them. The dry cleaning process ensures garments are pre-treated and stains are removed.

To Conclude

Your clothing closet will always be a reflection of who you are. A good wardrobe consists of good pieces that are properly maintained.

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