Why Do Some Clothes Need Dry Cleaning? - My Butler Service

Dry clean only clothes are a common sight in closets, and people often wonder if they can wash these clothes at home like any other clothing item. The answer is generally no. While dry cleaning may seem like an extra hassle, it’s generally mandatory, and there are reasons behind it!

Reason #1: “DCO” Clothes Tend to Be On the More Delicate Side

“DCO” Clothes generally tend to be made of delicate fabrics— think silk, chiffon, and lace. These materials are more susceptible to shrinkage, pilling or stretching, and possible tearing if washed in standard washing machines or using regular detergents. In other words, these materials require painstaking and sensitive handling, and that’s where the dry cleaning process comes into play.

Reputable dry cleaners Sydney, like My Butler Service, use special chemical solvents and products that can cleanse delicate fabrics without harming the fabric’s texture, colour, or dyes.

Reason #2: The Water in Your Home Can Damage “DCO” Clothing

Water is a significant factor here, whether from your washing machine or sinks at home. During regular laundry cycles, water can cause the shrinking and stretching of fabrics. This is not a risk you want to take.

Reason #3: Dry Cleaning Is not Aggressive

The other big reason you should not wash “DCO” clothes at home is that washing machines and hand washing can be aggressive. Over time, this aggression can damage “DCO” clothes by altering their structure or lead to colour fading or deteriorating. Again, this is due to the delicacy of the fabrics.

Reason #4: Dry Cleaning Helps Your Clothes Last Longer

Regular dry cleaning can help your clothes last longer. How? By using gentle solvents and techniques, rather than hot/cold water and soapy detergents, dry cleaning preserves the colour and texture of your fabrics, which, in turn, helps your clothes look and feel their best for long.

Reason #5: Dry Cleaning Keeps Your Clothes Smelling Great

Another bonus to dry cleaning your “DCO” clothes is that you keep them smelling fresh! Dry cleaning dissolves odour in a way regular detergents cannot, leaving your clothing smelling clean and fresh each and every time.

Not only that, but regular dry cleaning can get rid of oils and grease, which are the main components of body odour.

Examples of dry clean fabrics include cotton blends, rayon blends (excluding those with polyester), silk, wool, suede, linen, etc.

Leave Dry Cleaning to Professionals

The internet is full of do-it-yourself laundry tips, but when it comes to clothes with a “DCO” label, it is always best to leave the job to the professionals. By entrusting your delicate fabrics to a reputable dry cleaner like My Butler Service, you can be sure that they will be handled with care and cleaned using gentle solvents and cleaning methods that are specific to each type of fabric.

Remember, it’s not necessary for all clothes to be dry cleaned for them to look good; however, if you want your “DCO” clothes looking their best over the long-term, dry cleaning is definitely a great option!

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