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While people become busier with diverse activities and work commitments, relationships, or hobbies, the time we spend doing house chores is more limited. And who wants to spend a couple of hours during the weekend doing their laundry? Or folding linens after a long day at work?

This is why laundry services exist, and outsourcing such tasks can be a life-changer. Next, we will show you how many benefits you get from using a mobile laundry service like My Butler Service.


A mobile laundry service doesn’t require you to get to its location but includes pickup and delivery in its list of services. This means that you can stay at home and do other tasks while the laundry service van is on its way.


All the time that you would’ve spent on countless wash and dry cycles, can be used doing something else. Time is a precious resource and we are certain you have a long list of things you would like to do. This is important especially for big households with small children, where there are loads of washing to be done all the time.

Helps with Logistics

Transporting laundry to the dry cleaner is not always as simple as you may think, especially if you have to clean multiple suits, carpets, or other big items. Bringing them back home can also be tricky, especially if you don’t have a very spacious car. Mobile laundry service has a van equipped with everything it needs to transport items properly.


The efficiency of the equipment used by professionals is incomparable with what your washing machine can do at home. Certain fabrics require special treatment, and you will never be able to get a perfect result with non-commercial appliances and machines.


A mobile laundry service is affordable when you draw a line and count all the costs of doing laundry at home (including spending your time doing it).


Do you need to get an item cleaned fast, in time for a special event? Don’t stress out thinking about it, hire the pros to do it for you. You will know exactly when the item will be ready and the quality of the result will be guaranteed by their expertise.

Highly Specialised Cleaning

The services covered by a laundry service are diverse, covering most needs a household might have in terms of cleaning. Cleaning, ironing, and folding regular clothes, cleaning wedding gowns, suits, leather items, baby items, pet items, etc. It’s a long list of what a laundry service can do, so check ours here.


Many mobile laundry services have chosen to use eco-friendly dry cleaning methods and cleaning agents. By respecting the environment, we all contribute to a better future for the generations to come. Alternatives to harsh chemicals and pollutants are just as effective, and it pays off to invest in sustainability.

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