Does Dry Cleaning Remove Body Odour? | My Butler Service
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Does Dry Cleaning Remove Body Odour? 

There are a lot of reasons why we clean our clothes, not least of which is to avoid a body odour smell. Some people sweat more than others, and that smell can get trapped in clothing–especially dry clean only garments. Since we don’t wash this clothing every use, smells of… Read more

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Colour Bleeding? | My Butler Service
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Can Dry Cleaning Remove Colour Bleeding?

It has happened to most of us. You’re doing laundry, and accidentally mix your blue jeans with white shirts before tossing them into the washing machine. And – boom: Color bleeding happens! It’s the worst. But why does colour bleeding occur? Read on as we explain how colour bleeding occurs… Read more

What Clothing Materials Cannot Be Ironed | My Butler Service
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What Clothing Materials Cannot Be Ironed?

Ironing your clothes correctly is not as easy as most people think. With all the different temperature settings and fabric types, getting wrinkles out of your clothes can be a stressful task. Knowing which clothing materials can be ironed and those that can’t be ironed can help improve your ironing… Read more

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What Are the Advantages of Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning was introduced in Australia in the year 1913. So far, it has proven to be the most reliable and efficient method of cleaning garments. Dry cleaners use organic solvents in removing stains, dirt, and soil from fabrics. But what are the benefits of dry cleaning? What Are the… Read more